Wedding photo booth cost – Saving money on your rental

The wedding day is a celebration of love, and what better way to keep those memories alive than with a photo booth? Modern weddings have become synonymous with wedding photo booths, which allow guests to capture lasting memories. Despite this, renting a photo booth can be costly, putting your wedding budget under strain. Fear not! 

  1. Research pricing thoroughly
  • Get quotes from multiple vendors – Prices vary widely, so do your homework and get quotes from several photo booth companies in your area.
  • Ask about discounts – See if vendors offer any special deals or discounts for off-peak days/times, multi-booth rentals, or longer rentals. 
  • Consider DIY booths – Renting equipment and running your snap-booth save substantially over a hosted booth. 
  • Compare add-on costs – Some companies charge extra for props, prints, albums, etc. Factor these costs in.
  1. Choose booth time wisely  
  • Limit rental time – After dinner or dancing is the best time to rent. 
  • Combine with another event – Split the booth cost with another party at your venue that has multiple events.
  • Avoid premium hours – Friday/Saturday nights are the most expensive. Opt for Sundays or other weeknights to save.
  1. Seek package deals
  • Bundle services – Ask photographers or DJs if they offer discounted photo booth add-ons.
  • Minimal extras – Decline extras like green screen, slow motion video, etc. for lower bundled pricing. 
  • Limit prints – Paying per print adds up to a big guest list. Choose a set number of prints.
  • Skip the photo album – Many couples make their album after the wedding, so skip this add-on.
  1. Prioritize features 
  • Open-air vs. enclosed – Open booths cost less than lavish outdoor booths.
  • Props only – Simple prop-only booths are more affordable than high-tech interactive booths. 
  • Digital-only – Skipping prints and just providing digital files deduct significant booth costs.

The cost of a wedding photo booth can be kept low by using a bit of creativity. Focus on finding a vendor, time, and package that aligns with your budget priorities without overspending on unnecessary extras.

Additional tips for saving

Here are a few more ways to keep wedding photo booth costs down:

  • Book early – Pre-booking a rental car ensures the best rate. Last-minute bookings will be pricier. 
  • Check for hidden fees – Read contracts carefully to avoid surprises like set-up/tear-down fees or excessive taxes.
  • Provide your props – DIY fun props and backdrops instead of paying your vendor for prop packages.
  • See if you qualify for new customer promotions – Many companies offer special introductory rates to attract new clients.
  • Negotiate – If the price of a company exceeds your budget, feel free to make a reasonable counteroffer.

With the right vendor relationship and contractual agreements, you find an affordable photo booth that won’t blow your wedding budget. Prioritize must-have features over unnecessary add-ons for the best value.

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