5 Things Your Wedding Planner In Singapore Will Never Do For You

Couples get wedding planning services to bring their ideal wedding into reality with the help of a wedding planner in Singapore. In fact, many dub wedding planners as superheroes, fairy godmothers, and genies who can make all things possible for your wedding. But there are also limitations in their responsibilities to your wedding.

Here are the things your wedding coordinator and planner in Singapore can’t do for you:

1. Make decisions

Your wedding planner in Singapore would never make decisions for you, whether which food to serve, the kind of flowers and bouquet to order, or what church to pick. Your wedding planner suggests and gives you options based on your ideal wedding. The final decision is still in the couple’s hands.

2. Settle requirements

Obtaining legal documents, such as a marriage licence, is the couple’s responsibility. After all, the couples are the ones who are getting married, not the wedding coordinator in Singapore. All marriage-related legal matters must be the couple’s responsibility.

3. Deal with the family drama

Is your future mother-in-law meddling with your wedding gown choice? Perhaps, there are some disputes regarding the entourage. Your uncle doesn’t like sitting at the same table with your auntie in the reception? The actual day wedding package does not include dealing with and mediating family drama. Again, it is the couple’s responsibility to sort out these personal matters.

4. Perform vendor’s task

No, your wedding planner in Singapore cannot serve food, emcee for the reception, or clean after the wedding. It is the task of your vendors. They assist the couple and troubleshoot problems during the ceremony.

5. Cutting the cake

Again, cutting or slicing the cake is a tradition for the newlywed couples to perform, not for your wedding coordinator in Singapore. You might have paid for the wedding planning services of your wedding planner, but there are certain limitations in their responsibilities. Make your wedding extraordinary with Beautiful Gatherings. Contact Beautiful Gatherings today.

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