Groom's Guide

From Engagements to Honeymoons and everything in between, use our Groom's Guide to help you prepare for the Big Day!

A Guide for the Groom-to-Be! 


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Congratulations on your Engagement!

Now that you’ve found the Woman of your Dreams, your Soulmate or Partner for Life and proposed Marriage…What do you do?

Taking the leap from Bachelor to Married Man is Courageous and Commendable.

Here we will provide  you with a Guide for being the Best Groom you can be!

By actively participating in the wedding planning and preparation process, you will learn a great deal about Yourself, Your Bride-to-Be, Your Families and Friends and Your Future Marriage.


The First Step in becoming the Best Groom you can be is

Knowing your Responsibilities


The Groom typically plays the Supporting Role in the Wedding Planning Process, however, there are many important responsibilities that he needs to be aware of and take care of on the way to the Big Day such as:


  •      Buying an Engagement Ring and Successfully Proposing to the One He Loves


  •      Buying a Wedding Ring


  •      Finding a Best Man and Groomsman to Support Him


  •       Drawing up a List of Guests for Himself and His Family


  •       Planning a Honeymoon


  •       Paying for Certain Expenses:  (Such as the Bridal Bouquet, a Gift for the Bride, The Officiant’s Fee, The Marriage License and Certificate, and Formal Wear)


  •       Coordinating a Rehearsal Dinner


  •       Supporting the Bride-to-Be in the Wedding Planning Process (by Listening, Sympathizing, Offering Encouragement and being of assistance when asked)


By being Prepared and Knowing your Role & Responsibilities in the Wedding Planning Process (and on your Wedding Day) you will be a tremendous help to your Fiancee and you will be demonstrating that you are Dependable, Reliable, and Seriously Willing to be The Best Groom you can Be!


* Just remember this, the Goal will be worth all the effort,

you will be Marrying the One you Love!



A Joyful Embrace

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