Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor Information

Here are some helpful guidelines for Bridesmaids and the Maid/Matron of Honor

Helpful Information For the Bridesmaids and Maids/ Matrons of Honor



Someone you Love and Care about is getting Married! You are so excited for them, and now you have been asked to be a Bridesmaid, or even the Maid of Honor…What do you do?


Consider the honor of the request and also if you have the time, energy and budget to fulfill your duties.  If it would be too big a burden, be honest and let your friend or family member know and see if there is a way you can still help out and be a part of the celebration.

If you know you can do it (even if it will be somewhat stressful) of course, say YES! That’s what friends are for!


Here are some of the responsibilities of The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to keep in mind:


$$ – Purchase Dress and Shoes/Accessories, Vacation time, Travel expenses, Co-Hosting Parties, Gifts:


  •  Prepare yourself financially for purchasing your dress, shoes, and accessories as well as having professional hair and make-up.


  • Consider your work schedule and if you will need or be able to take any vacation time to attend the wedding, including the  rehearsal and bridal shower or other pre-wedding celebrations.


  • If the wedding is out of town, consider the cost of travel, transportation  and accommodations.


  • If you are co-hosting a Bridal Shower, Jack and Jill Party, or other celebration decide what you are able and willing to spend as a co-host, and also on a Group Gift or Individual Gift for each event, including the Wedding.


Emotional Support-


  • Planning a Wedding is stressful,  your friend will need your support throughout the process. Whenever possible, offer to go for a Walk together, take a Bike Ride, or attend a Yoga or Dance class. Have a “Girl’s Night” at the movies or a local pub, or a “Spa-Party” to practice your hair and make-up.


  • Just Have Fun, Relax and De-stress!


Fun with Bridesmaids and Friends


Other Duties:


  • Be available to offer assistance to the Bride to complete tasks such as shopping for dresses, stuffing invitation envelopes, prepping favors or seating place cards, etc.


  • Help plan and Co-Host the Bridal Shower, Jack and Jill Party or other Pre-Wedding Celebration for the Bride.


  • Help keep a record of gifts (including monetary gifts) received at the Bridal Shower or Jack and Jill party so the Bride and Groom can write Thank yous.


  • Attend the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner.


  • Assist the Bride (if needed) getting dressed for the wedding.  Stay nearby and be aware of the Wedding schedule, including when and where photos are to take place, as well as  if/when/where there will be any receiving lines after the ceremony, and/or a grand entrance at the reception.  Also, assist with the bustle for the Bride’s gown before the First Dance.



  • Prepare a toast for the Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Reception. (Technically this will be the Maid of Honor’s task), but it may be necessary if she is unable to make a toast for any reason or just in case the opportunity arises and you would like to say a few words to show your love, friendship and support for the couple.


  • Be prepared to Party! If necessary, be ready to get on the dance floor and help get the party started. Also be prepared to dance with groomsmen if requested.


Follow these guidelines and you will be a Fabulous Bridesmaid!

Selfie with the Bridesmaids

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For the Maid or Matron of Honor, you will have some Extra Duties in your Role:


Some of the extra responsibilities of the Maid of Honor Include:


  • Attending at least one dress fitting with the Bride to learn about any special handling of the gown, and how to Bustle the gown for the Bride.


  • Make sure the Bridesmaids have their dresses, hair and make-up taken care of, they have the right bouquets,  and also  that they get to the Wedding and Pre-Wedding events on time.


  • Assist the Bride with any “Final Fixes” – Veil, Train, etc before the ceremony and during photos as needed.


  • Hold the Groom’s Wedding Ring during the Ceremony and Hold the Bride’s Bouquet while the couple exchanges Rings/Vows.


  • Dance with the Best Man during formal dances and be available to dance with groomsmen if necessary or requested.


  • Prepare and make a Toast to the Bride and Groom at the Wedding Reception (and Rehearsal Dinner, if the opportunity arises).


  • Help the Bride change out of her Wedding Dress if she is leaving from the reception and take care of her gown until she returns from her honeymoon.


 Enjoy the Honor of your Role and being an important participant in this very Special Occasion!


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