Congratulations Amber and Allan!

Featured Wedding by RMG Photography

Congratulations Amber and Allan!


This Westerly, RI Couple’s wedding story reminds us of what truly matters most…LOVE!


Amber and Allan were married at Eastern Point Beach in nearby Groton, CT

Featured Wedding Amber and Allan


Featured Photography courtesy of RMG Photography
Amber and Allan’s wedding almost didn’t happen. Not because of cold feet or second thoughts, but rather, because sometimes life throws you a curveball and all your well laid plans can suddenly be changed in an instant. 
Amber shares her wedding story:
“Allan and I were actually married last minute, in our home on March 6th.
A few days before, I had fallen in my driveway and discovered that I had a rare brain tumor that was taking up almost all of the space where my spinal fluid was to pass through. I was immediately sent to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where I was given the possible outcome of my tumor and it was not good. Possible death, most likely Cancer and maybe not all of the tumor could be removed due to it being up against my spinal cord. 
I was immediately scheduled for brain surgery and went home with the thought that I would never marry the man who made me realize what love should be like. We decided it was best to get married right away. Two weeks later I came out of the hospital Cancer and tumor free with only minor affects to my arm and my cognitive functions.
We then realized we could still have the wedding of my dreams. After recovering enough to plan a wedding I knew exactly what I wanted. A beautiful beach wedding surrounded by our family and friends. I just wanted everyone to relax and have fun (myself and my husband included).
It was a Beautiful Day for a Wedding on the Beach!”


Amber and Allan Wedding Party

“The wedding colors included spa for my ladies and as well as a light sand color for his men.
Knowing me well, our photographer Rebecca knew I’d want to keep the wedding portraits short and sweet. She was amazing!
Allan built us a bamboo arbor and my best friend’s uncle married us underneath it with all of our friends and family around.”


Amber and Allan Wedding Ceremony

“Our reception took place at the Groton, CT Elk’s Lodge. At the seating table, we asked our guests to write a favorite date night idea on a Popsicle stick and put it in a mason jar for the bride and groom.
Allan is a firefighter in the city of Groton, so all of the fire trucks were there to welcome us as well!”


Bride and Groom by the Fire Truck

“We were introduced by our Dj to the song “Uptown funk” while our 5 children danced along with our bridal party, then we had our first dance, as well as the ones with our parents. We ate Strawberry and Vanilla Cake and danced the night away!”


Dancing and Cake

“It was a dream come true and the best day of my life. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!”


Ceremony Site: Eastern Point Beach, Groton, CT

Reception Site: Groton, CT Elk’s Lodge

Photography: RMG Photography

Flowers: Trish Tebbets

Cake: Teresa Gauvin

DJ: Ryan Adams


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